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Twin Screw Extrusion

Polypropylene melt flow on kneader screw elements in twin screw extruder.

Polypropylene melt flow on flight screw elements in twin screw extruder.

UV curing technology

Demonstration of UV curing

CO2 foaming of UV curable resin

Control of bubble nucleation by UV irradiation

Stop of phase boundary by UV irradiation

Related article:
Taki, Kentaro, Shuhei Okumura, Production of Porous Polymeric Films with Unimodal or Bimodal Pore-Size Distributions via Depressurization- and Photopolymerization-Induced Bubble Nucleation in Low-Viscosity UV-Curable Monomer/High-Pressure CO2 Solutions, Macromolecules, 43(23), 9899-9907 (2010).

Twitterion of CO2 and tert-amine monomer

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Taki, Kentaro, Kazunori Hosokawa, Shota Takagi, Hiroyuki Mabuchi, Masahiro Ohshima, Rapid production of ultralow dielectric constant porous polyimide films via CO2-tert-amine zwitterion induced phase separation and subsequent photopolymerization, Macromolecules, 46(6), 2275-2281 (2013).

CO2-foaming of polymers

CO2-foaming of polypropylene

Related article:
Taki, Kentaro, Takashi Nakayama, Taichi Yatsuzuka, Masahiro Ohshima, Visual observations of batch and continuous foaming processes, Journal of Cellular Plastics, 39(2), 155-169 (2003).

Taki, Kentaro, Experimental and numerical studies on the effects of pressure release rate on number density of bubbles and bubble growth in a polymeric foaming process, Chemical Engineering Science, 63(14), 3643-3653 (2008).

CO2-fomaing of MA-g-PP

CO2-fomaing of MA-g-PP with nanoclay

Related article:
Taki, Kentaro, Tatsunori Yanagimoto, Eita Funami, Masami Okamoto, Masahiro Ohshima, Visual observation of CO2 foaming of polypropylene-clay Nanocomposites, Polymer Engineering and Science, 44(6), 1004-1011 (2004).

CO2-foaming of poly(ethyleneglycol)  and polystyrene

Related article:

Taki, Kentaro, Kouei Nitta, Shin-ichi Kihara, Masahiro Ohshima, CO2 foaming of poly(ethylene glycol)/polystyrene blends: Relationship of the blend morphology, CO2 mass transfer, and cellular structure, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 97(5), 1899-1906 (2005).

Spherulites growth of polylactide under high-pressure CO2

Selective CO2-bubble nucleation around the sherulites of PLA

Related articles:
Taki, Kentaro, Daisaku Kitano, Masahiro Ohshima, Effect of Growing Crystalline Phase on Bubble Nucleation in Poly(L-Lactide)/CO2 Batch Foaming, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 50(6), 3247-3252 (2011).

Low viscosity polystyrene

High viscosity polystyrene

Foam Injection Molding

Bubble disappearance by injection pressure and re-bubble nucleation by depressurization

Slow video of bubble disappearance by injection pressure and re-bubble nucleation by depressurization

Silver streaks by corruption of bubbles

Ishikawa, Takeshi, Kentaro Taki, Masahiro Ohshima, Visual Observation and Numerical Studies of N2 vs. CO2 Foaming Behavior in Core-back Foam Injection Molding, Polymer Engineering and Science, 52(4), 875-883 (2012).

Crystal growth of 1,4-dioxane

1. Okaji, Rika, Kentaro Taki, Shinsuke Nagamine, Masahiro Ohshima, Preparation of a unique, multihollow-core honeycomb structure via the unidirectional freezing of a binary solvent system, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 130(1), 526-534 (2013).
2. Okaji, Rika, Kentaro Taki, Shinsuke Nagamine, Masahiro Ohshima, Preparation of porous honeycomb monolith from UV-curable monomer/dioxane solution via unidirectional freezing and UV irradiation, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 125(4), 2874-2881 (2012).