Dear PhD candidates,

Taki lab is cordially invite you as a PhD candidate in our laboratory. Taki lab is one of the most active lab of photopolymerization kinetics and network analysis of  UV curable resins, which are used in semiconductor, electronics, optics and cosmetic industries.  Moreover, we are studying bubble nucleation, growth and coalescence kinetics in molten polymers and coals for steel industry.

We are studying  the filed of polymer processing, photopolymerization and functional materials of various themes:

  • Twin screw extrusion and flow modeling
  • Sheet molding compound by in situ polymerization and glass fiber, carbon fiber composites
  • Photopolymerization and its application of optical films
  • Photopolymerization kinetics and gel networks
  • Sequential coating and curing of UV curable resins
  • Optical films

We are offering worthwhile industrial collaboration research with Japanese company,  which is a good opportunity  to know working in Japan.

Please contact Associate Professor Kentaro Taki in the following address:

Sincerely yours, Kentaro Taki